C2 Platform Engine (C2T)

C2M incorporates latest C2 and telemetry integration systems for military, government, safety, law enforcement, transportation, and energy sectors. The system is in development with our partners with an expected public/private sector release in 2023 (available for delivery now for defense and law enforcement sectors*).
* Some customers may require SD / DOD permission.

Version 1.1c (2023) available soon


OGC is an add-on system that can be used to help any mobile app archive on-demand Geo-tagged system, this incorporates a new ML/AI algorithms.

Version 2.1 (2022) available now (iOS/Android)


Crowd wisdom is a patent-pending, machine learning software engine that allows for crowd activity in 3rd party apps or as a standalone. It is an advanced system to help aid security apps achieve their mandate. for more information, please contact Snap for serious discussion regarding this AI engine (none-disclosure agreements required prior to any discussions). 

Version 1.3 (2022) available now (iOS/Android/embd)


Gateway Independent
SnapCore provides a gateway for any payment services or can integrate with your existing gateway for a seamless transition when switching payment systems.

Hardware Independent
SnapCore has been created with a plug and play architecture that allows for easy hardware compatibility. Any hardware that is supported by the Android Operating system can be used and integrated with the Snap Terminal Payment Operating System.

Customized Branding
SnapCore comes with branding and theming capabilities throughout the application. Customizable User Interface is just a Snap away, no need to settle for an off the shelf generic interface when you can customize Snap Terminal to match your company’s branding.

Simplistic Design
SnapCore has been built upon the principle of simplicity. Transitioning from older payment systems is a Snap with the easy to use and understand interface that drives the Snap Terminal Payment Operating System. 

Version 1.4c fixes (2021) available now (Android/embd)


LPC is an add-on system that allows for the use of credit cards with government sponsored gambling systems (lotto for example) that typically does not currently allow for credit card use.

Version 2.4 (2020)** Available for Android now, embd by request. (Android/embd)
**Version 1.x end of life support in 2023, upgrades available for 2.x versions.