Analytics, Cyber Security, and Software.

New release in our products section (11/2022)

Snap development teams (Est. 2015) specializes in Agile mobile, backend, OSA, OSINT, and C2 development for the defense, law enforcement, cyber security, financial, and energy sectors.

Snap analytics team (Est. 2022) specializes in geopolitical, transformational, cyber and technological research servicing most corporations and nonprofits on their path to be better prepared, safe, and informed.

Snap consulting practice (Est. 2016) specializes in evaluating / supporting technology and cyber startups. This includes due diligence, mentoring, and coaching. Snap teams can evaluate development code, documentation, practices, financials, structure, and methodologies.

Snap 3PS team (Est. 2020) supporting partner companies in the telemetry systems integration and multi-input/output unified control, mitigation, autonomy and edge computing.